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The Secret To Packing Your Summer Suitcase

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The school holidays have arrived and we’re sure you all have some exciting trips planned. Getting yourself organised, as well as your family for your holiday can be hard work – lucky for you, we’ve made the task of packing a little easier.

Here’s the secret to packing your summer suitcase – you can thank us later!

Make a List

Before you even think of doing anything else, grab a pen and a paper and make a list. By making a list, you can write down all the essentials and see if you’re being ruthless enough when deciding what to pack.

When there’s more than two of you travelling, you’ll want to be as organised as possible so you may find it more useful to write a separate list for each family member, and tick things off as you go - is there anything more satisfying than crossing something of a list?

Top tip: take a copy of your list with you – this way you can use it when you’re packing to go home and know if you’re missing anything.

Clothes for the kids

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re packing for your child, we all know how adorable children’s clothes can be – SO many prints and colours! But, think about this wisely. The less you take is going to make your life a lot easier. Cut down their clothes to a selection of key items that you can mix and match, a pair of denim or linen shorts are ideal for a boy or girl and will go with anything. Take some travel wash you in case you need it and if you’re going somewhere hot, hang the items out to dry – it won’t take longer than an hour in the heat.  Its also easier to pack if everything is neatly organised in the first place - check out our range of chest of drawers for optimal organisation!


A fun distraction

Airports or long car journeys can get boring for a child (and quickly!), so make sure they have a few toys or books to distract them. If you have a family I-pad, why not download a couple of films or their favourite TV programmes? This will make the journey more enjoyable for them and gives you time to check-in hassle free, or keep your eyes on the road during a long journey. When you arrive at your destination, ask them to hand the I-pad over and enjoy some quality family time together.

Home comforts

Being on holiday is an exciting time for the family, however getting your child to sleep in a new surrounding may be difficult at first. We suggest packing a favourite teddy or cushion from your youngter's bed to make them feel a little more at ease.

Do you have any holiday packing hacks? Share your ideas with us on Twitter

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